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Easy Vegan Sunday roast

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

A turnip or a swede whatever you want to call it that's what you need to create this simple Sunday roast . A very simple recipe all you need is time.


1 medium size turnip/swede

Drizzle of olive oil



2 tablespoons brown sugar

2 tablespoon mustard

1.Preheat oven 150 degrees

2.There is not much work required for this recipe. First things first wash and dry the Turnip/Swede there is no need to remove the skin. Score the turnip/swede with a knife to create diamonds. With the knife cut diagonal cut across the turnip and repeat again in the opposite direction. The score marks should be all the way from the bottom to the top of the Turnip.

3.Rub a generous amount of olive oil, salt and pepper on to the skin of the turnip.

Wrap the entire turnip in grease proof paper. Place the turnip on a tray into the preheated oven and bake for 1.5 - 2 hours depending on the size of the turnip at 150 degrees.

4.Prepare the glaze in a bowl mix the brown sugar and mustard until a smooth paste has formed. Set aside.

5.Check the turnip after 1.5 hours using a sharp knife. If the knife can go all the way into the turnip easily its cooked. Remove from the oven.

6.The turnip will be hot using the back of a spoon or brush generously coat the turnip in the sweet mustard glaze ensuring to cove all the turnip.

Place back into the oven at 170 degrees. for a further 10- 15 minutes to allow the glaze to caramelize. keep an eye on it. It should be golden brown.

Serve with your favourite gravy and roasties


Ali xx



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